2DB has become twoDB

As many of you may have noticed, we've rebranded!  We are no longer 2DB, but are now stylized as twoDB.  We're sure many of you are wondering why the change.  It's quite simple, really.  Unfortunately, there are too many "2DB"s.  There's a +2dB, another 2DB, a 2db, a 2dB, and even several songs called 2db that are out on Spotify and other music platforms.  The name 2DB became an SEO nightmare (Search Engine Optimization), and even gave our distribution partners major problems when submitting music to platforms such as Spotify, Beatport, and Pandora.  The only options were to either change our name entirely, or rebrand our current name with a different stylization.  We opted for the latter.  We're still Brandon and Danny, we're still the same artist, we just needed to change how our name appears before it became an even bigger headache down the road as we continue to grow.

What does this mean for everyone?  Not much honestly.  We're moving to quickly rebrand our website, social media accounts, and releases on all of the streaming platforms under our new name.  Some of these can happen quicker than others, but we're working hard to get it all done as fast as possible.

We want to thank everyone for understanding, and we know that while it might cause a little confusion at first, it's all worth it to save us from a lot of the issues that sharing a name with lots of other acts would cause.  Thank you all for your continuing support!

Much love,

Brandon and Danny